This video shows you how to buy $GAMI tokens.


This video shows you how to stake your $GAMI tokens.

How to join our IDO's?

This video shows you how to participate in our IDOs.


GAMI is a launchpad and an incubator platform, that merges the gaming world with blockchain technology. Leading names of the gaming and blockchain industry involved in the platform as founders, advisors, and partners.
In our incubation process, project owners can take place in GAMI to develop their projects aligned with the blockchain technology, tokenization, and to communicate in line with the dynamics of the crypto world.
In our launchpad process, GAMI will support promising projects in order to raise funds on GAMI launchpad. Applicants to the platform can opt to join the incubation process or launch the IDO process right away through launchpad.
The primary purpose of the platform is to provide blockchain-related know-how and technology for gaming projects to help them reach larger audiences and raise funds in order to bring their projects into action.

You can read or download our litepaper by https://gamiworld.io here.

The public sale of GAMI Token will be on https://gamiworld.io. Follow GAMI World on Twitter and Telegram for further information.

1) You need to connect your Metamask wallet to on https://gamiworld.io . Next step is to follow the instructions in order to add BSC network which is the network GAMI Token is created on to your Metamask wallet and store any required information on BSC network.
2) You need to complete the KYC (identity validation process) by simply following the instructions. Your KYC will be approved in a short time after the required security protocols are completed. Citizens of countries which are not shown on the selection page will not be able to complete their KYC.
3) After your wallet is connected to GAMI World website and your KYC is approved, you need to join the whitelist which is to participate in IDO by simply clicking the “APPLY FOR WHITELIST” button.
4) You need to have equal or more than the minimum amount of BUSD (20 BUSD) in your Metamask wallet to be able to participate in IDO. Don’t forget that you will have to pay a transaction fee (BNB) when you make a transaction with your Metamask wallet.

You can claim your tokens from https://gamiworld.io/allocation according to the public sale rules that are shown in GAMI World tokenomics. After you claim your tokens, you can easily transfer them to your Metamask wallet.

Unclaimed tokens will be held in https://gamiworld.io for IDO participants to claim whenever they want. But they will never be transferred to your wallet automatically.
You can buy BUSD and BNB on https://www.binance.com and transfer them to your Metamask wallet to be able to do transactions on BSC network.
Information about dates will be announced on GAMI World’s social media pages listed below.